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Stride - A mobile museum

Service Design


Team — 
Andreas, Hazal, Kilian and Maya
Classroom project at Aalto Media Lab

Role — 
Concept Development, User Interface Design

Details —
The project was developed during the seminar Digital Strategies for Museums & Cultural Heritage by Samir Bhowmik in association with the Design Museum, Helsinki.

As part of the Digital Strategies for Museums course, we were tasked with creating an experience for visitors of the designmuseum that would be more engaging.

Stride encourages visitors to participate and change the overall museum experience.

Stride is a web application which enables the visitors to walk through the artefacts between different categories in the Design Museum. It provides an opportunity for visitors to discover the museum according to their interest rather than following a pre-curated path in the physical space.


For each object, Stride has three pre-defined categories which the visitors can switch between throughout their visit. Instead of browsing the database through filters, Stride proposes a more dynamic and participative practice which connects the digital database to the physical environment. This gives a unique experience to visitors by helping them make new connections between the artefacts every time they visit the museum. In addition, they not only create and share their own collections, but also experience the museum through other visitor’s choices by following their routes.

Maya Pillai —
Digital Designer

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