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Huebrix - A twisted puzzle

Game Design

Client — 
Yellow Monkey Studios

Role — 
Game Art, User Interface Design

Award —
Casual Connect Europe 2013 Indie Showcase - Winner
Huebrix is a puzzle game released for the iOS, Android and Windows platforms.


The game was designed and published by Yellow Monkey Studios (Mumbai, India).

The basic premise of the game is to drag the different coloured blocks to create a path as long as the number on the block. As you complete more levels, the puzzles start to get more complicated by using special blocks like direction blocks, sink blocks, addition and subtraction blocks. My friend Shailesh Prabhu, (founder of YMS) approached me to work on the art for Huebrix. We were in different cities at the time and over a couple of months and lots of e-mails and iterations, we finally decided on this minimalistic style that relied heavily on the use of colours.


Maya Pillai —
Digital Designer

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