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Bon Happétee

Identity Design


Client — 
True Positive Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

Role — 
Identity Design

Details —
The application can downloaded from the App store and Google Play.

bon happétee is a mobile application that integrates your lifestyle, your goals, and your taste preferences to arrive at a diet and activity recommendations made just for you. It’s your personal nutrition guide, only more delicious.

True Positive Analytics got in touch with me to design the logo and brand guidelines for their new product. The logo symbol has a puzzle piece which signifies the perfect fit, the menu that the application suggests you eat everyday and the "B" has been made to look like a bite becase one of the aims of the product is to suggest food items that match the user's taste buds.


The UI of the application was designed by another studio based in Mumbai, since True Positive Analytics preferred to work with someone at closer quarters. But I was brought in time and again for feedback and suggestions on the UI for the app, to ensure that the brand guidelines were being met.


Maya Pillai —
Digital Designer

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