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Maya pillai_aboutMaya pillai_about

Me in my natural habitat, under the sun. 

Over the past few years I have worked in advertising, photography and education, freelancing alone to managing remote teams and I feel like I’ve come full circle to doing what I’ve always loved — Mixing the digital with the physical. Be it to make a statement about gender inequality or teaching kids (and myself) how to manage money.  

Right now I'm working on my Master’s thesis at the Aalto Media Lab through which I’m exploring podcasting as a medium to further the conversation around gender activism in South Asia. I’m using this as a way to learn how to manage a digital media product as well as dive deeper into a conversation I’ve always been at the fringes of.

Born and raised in India, I moved to Helsinki for its amazing weather, abundance of nature and of course their famous no-nonsense design philosophy. I’ve been living here for 17 months and it already feels like home.

Maya Pillai —
Digital Designer

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